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  5. "This is a sad girl."

"This is a sad girl."

Translation:זאת ילדה עצובה.

August 20, 2016



feminine form of "this"


This is telling me the answer is זו ילדה עצבה. Can anyone tell me why???


This = זאת or זו Girl = ילדה sad = עצובה - In Hebrew, pronouns and adjectives agree in gender and number with what they refer to, and modify. And the adjective always goes after the noun it modifies.

Does that help?


Thanks Jay. Is זו pronounced zoh?


What is the difference between גו and גאת?


I think you mean what is the difference between זאת and זו. They mean the same thing. The word זו is rarely used in spoken Hebrew.


Mine said the correct spelling is זו


Can I say היא ילדה עצובה ?


Yes, but that means "she is a sad girl".


Don't know how to get to Hebrew keyboard on my Apple MacBook Air. Can you help?


I don't either... but google does...


how does it differ from "this girl is sad". There was a tip, that when you want to say " a girl is happy you need to add personal pronoun היא. Looks like they are totally inconsistent


No, there is no inconsistency there. It goes like this:

This is a sad girl - זאת ילדה עצובה.

This girl is sad - הילדה הזאת עצובה.

As for the rest of your question, it would go like this - using the adjective sad:

A sad girl - ילדה עצובה

A girl is sad - ילדה היא עצובה

The girl is sad - הילדה עצובה

The sad girl - הילדה העצובה

This pattern is for any adjective.

As for זו, it's the same as זאת, as you can see from other comments here. They are both feminine forms of "this". The difference between them is that זו is more formal, and used less commonly.


Why does it require that weird זו, I've never heard about before, it wasn't taught, and, moreover, it is NOT in their own dictionary (not found)!!! Crazy sentence

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