"A magyar lány ebben a házban lakik."

Translation:The Hungarian girl lives in this house.

August 20, 2016

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Mwahaha, they used to reject all my sentences in present simple, but when I finally used present continuous they rejected it too.


The Hungarian girl is living in this house. Acceptable or not?


It sounds a bit more natural to me with the present simple since living somewhere is usually something habitual rather than something that would be described as "an action that is taking place right now".

But it doesn't really sound wrong with the present continuous, either. I guess it focusses a bit on the fact that right now, she is occupying/inhabiting this house, or perhaps that she is actively making it her home (rather than merely existing in the house).


I dont get it, why ebben? Why not "ez a házban lakik?"


Because when the noun takes a case (such as -ben), the ez or az needs to take that case as well :)

So ebben a házban - erre a házra - ennél a háznál - ezt a házat etc.

Similarly with postpositions: ez alatt a ház alatt etc.


correct me if I am wrong, but were the lessons so far carefully composed to never have the az/ez with nouns with endings, or was that ignored? Because I feel like there were examples of setences just like this one before.


I don't think there was ez or az before together with a suffix at the noun. So: carefully composed.

These will be a whole list of new / modified words and the ton of pronouns will be fun too. Omitting personal pronouns was great, but myself, mine, at me, by me, for me... will all have their special suffix infected, or totally unrecognizable form like ez here. they will come back with a vengeance. lol


Oh, now I get the postposition thing I didn't understand when reading the tips and notes, thanks :)


Not sure I wanted to start this exercise after reading the tips and notes, I can only agree with staplesnout's comment

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