"Jego żona śpi."

Translation:His wife is sleeping.

August 20, 2016

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is there a polish word for "asleep"? (:


Well... yes and no. On one hand, it could be translated as "śpiący". But the main meaning of "śpiący" is "sleepy", not "asleep". And the vast majority of people would understand it that way unless you provided a very clear context to clarify it.

If a part of your body is 'asleep', the Polish adjective is "zdrętwiały".


Po polsku żona, a po ukrainsku drużyna. I think it's beautiful


'His wife's sleeping' was not accepted.


Will not accept "His wife is sleeping" and then gives that same sentence as the official translation


And again, a bug. It's strange and kinda worrying that it happened to you twice... at least twice, that's the second such comment that I see.


I know why this is happening as it happened a couple of times to me. If you type very fast and submit your answer it checks if the answer is correct before it has gathered all the input. This was happening on my phone when a background app was slowing my phone down. I rebooted my phone and it stopped.


won't accept "his wife's sleeping". why?


People rarely report such answers. But it's correct, sure. Added now.

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