"Mój przyjaciel bardzo często odwiedza to muzeum."

Translation:My friend visits this museum very often.

August 20, 2016

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What case is 'to' in here? Accusative?


My friend is very often visiting this museum


Odwiedza rather than zwiedza because he has been there so often that it is like an old friend?


Good question. My first feel about "zwiedzać" is that it feels very tourist-y, so if it's in your own city, you're not really a tourist in a museum. But 'whether it's your city or not' can't really be a part of the definition of the word.

I like the 'old friend' interpretation and it does make a lot of sense to me.

I put the two variants in the National Corpus (http://www.nkjp.pl/poliqarp/nkjp300/query/), and "zwiedzać" ([base=zwiedzać] muzeum) gave me 53 results while "odwiedzać" ([base=odwiedzać] muzeum) gave 20. A lot of the results for "zwiedzać" seem to use the gerund form "zwiedzanie" (which I'd think abought as "sightseeing" and I'm never sure if it would work in English), and a lot of the results for "odwiedzać" seem to use a form of the participle "zwiedzający", which can serve as a noun meaning "visitor". I'm not sure what to make of those results - food for thought ;)

EDIT 3 days later: Actually... a museum may make the distinction a lot less clear, but if we change it to a theatre or a cinema - then "odwiedzać" makes a lot more sense and "zwiedzać" would suddenly become pretty unusual. If you're there to see a play or a movie rather than to see some old posters and the pretty furniture in the foyer, then out of those two, only "odwiedzać" works.


So if he "odwiedza" the museum, he's going there to see the items or exhibitions which are presented inside. If he "zwiedza" the museum, he's having a close look at the architecture of the building. Right?


Riiiight? I think that in this particular example those two overlap very strongly.

If this was let's say about "teatr", I think I'd just answer "Right". But well, that's also what I wrote above.


Okay, I've checked a bunch of example sentences with 'zwiedzać'. They were all related to tourism, so this really seems to be the main distinction.


The above not accepted can you tell me my error please


Well, as far as I know, you don't really use Present Continuous with adverbs of frequency like "often"...


Is "to" an absolute requirement here?


Well, it says "this museum", like in the English sentence.


I totally missed the "this", I was thinking the "to" was some sort of "do" substitute...


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