"Az ablakban három alma van."

Translation:There are three apples in the window.

August 20, 2016

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What does "at the window" mean in this sentence? Is in the same as something being displayed "in the window""?


Yes, right. It includes pretty much all the same possibilities we mean in English when we say "in the window." I'm not really sure why they chose "at" for the English translation.


They were probably not sure about the correct English usage.

The purpose could be to display something, or to put it there because it is cooler there, or to dry in the sunshine, etc.


We do use "at the window" occasionally, but only in one quite specific situation that I can think of, which is a person (perhaps also an animal) standing at the window (looking out, or looking in). Maybe also a moving object like a car which stops at the window.

Thinking about it, in both cases the correct synonym is actually "by the window", not in it. On balance I think that "at the window" is an incorrect translation of the Hungarian.


"in the window" to me is when something is on the windowsill, or when you only see the thing through the window.

So the plants are in the window, and when you walk by a house you might see a person in the window. But then you're at home, you can see your guest at the window, looking at the trees and birds in the window.

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    I've never heard of “in the window" in this context. I would say "on the window".


    "On the window"would mean literally on top of it - sitting on the frame, or if the window was horizontal for some reason, lying on the glass. It is perfectly correct gramatically but only used in very specific situations, and I'd imagine it would require a Hungarian postposition or suffix to indicate the specific position.

    If you're trying to say that the apples are visible just behind/in front of the window, as in a shop display, then "In the window" is definitely the correct term in English.


    "in the window" is standard English usage for something visible from the other side. Think of an old fashioned shop with a window display.


    Well... I feel like "at the windows there are three apples" should also be accepted. Especially since word orders matters in hungarian and in that sentence they want to emphasize the "at the windows" part


    It's just one window.


    after reading the comments, i wonder now what is right! i would say at the window coz it is definitely not "in" the window....


    The apples are lying on the windowsill; that's what I'm getting from the Hungarian sentence. How would you express it in English without mentioning the sill?


    "at the window" next to - or possibly standing and looking out. "in the window" what is seen from the other side.

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