"I am not here on Saturday."

Translation:Szombaton nem vagyok itt.

August 20, 2016

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is "szombaton nem itt vagyok" right?


"Szombaton nem itt vagyok" means I am not here (this particular place) on Saturday but somewhere else. It puts the emphasis on negating the place itself.

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'Szombaton itt nem vagyok' - would this work, or maybe change the meaning slightly?


Slightly, yes. First it sounded weird. After some thinking, I can imagine someone saying it to mean "I am not available here on Saturday, only in my downtown office". A situation similar to "The bus does not stop here on Saturdays".


This sounded wrong first, but well, you could say it. This puts a strong emphasis on negating "showing up here in particular". I have a list of places where i will be but this one is not on it.

But still, I would rather use "szombaton nem itt vagyok"Depending on the place of "nem" you can negate a lot of things, similar to other languages, but

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