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  5. "אני הולך בדרך המרכזית."

"אני הולך בדרך המרכזית."

Translation:I am walking on the main road.

August 20, 2016



"I walk the main road" is basically the same thing as "I walk on the main road."


Not really, it makes it a description of the walk, rather than of the place.



"I walk the main road" sounds more metaphorical to me, whereas "I walk on the main road" is actually talking about the road that I happen to be walking on (and is the obvious translation of the Hebrew).


I think that there is more use to the following form: "אני הולך בדרך הראשית" I walk on the main road.


Doesn't מרכז mean center or middle? Or am I confusing it for a different merkaz?


So, the ב in בדרך can mean "in" and "on" ? Can it have other meanings too ?


It's not really meanings. It's just that when translating the use of a verb the preposition does not necessarily go with it. The target language might be using a different one for the same verb.


And can על be used as well ?


I used "along" rather than "on". DuoLingo, please expand your synonym database...


Along and on are not synonyms in this context


I go with the main road should be accepted, no? What would be wrong with that translation?


hmm---odd in English, but I go ON the main road is less odd and might be acceptable (In English). עם is the preposition for with instead of ב. I can definitely hear someone in English answer the question, "Do you use sideroads to get there?" with, "No, I go on the main road. No change in Hebrew, since ללכת does double duty for walk/go.


If you say “along the main road”, usually it means on the main road, but “along” also has the meaning of alongside but not on, such as in the sentence

“We'll need to walk along every inch of the fence to find the spot where the sheep are getting through.”

In order for translated sentences to be acceptable on Duolingo, it’s best to stick with the most common meaning, because the synonym which you think has the exact same meaning might not always have the exact same meaning.

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