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  5. "Anh trai của tôi là thư ký."

"Anh trai của tôi thư ký."

Translation:My elder brother is a secretary.

August 20, 2016



Why didn't it accept "the secretary"?


Normally i would say a secretary because that is correct english but in Dl since there was no "mot" there now i did not use it ! I failed again! DL please be consistent ! If you are using english in a stupid way then use it consistently that way! Tha t is redicilous ! And yes "the secretary" is also can be used ;That is correct my friend WanJaFo


Both "the secretary" and "a secretary" are correct English, but they have different meanings.

"the" is specific, we are talking about one secretary in particular

"a" is generic, we could be talking about any secretary.


Both "the secretary" and "a secretary" are possible in English. It depends on the specific situation. When the Vietnamese is simply "là thư ký", it could be either answer in English. Both "a" and "the" should be accepted.


I don't think that's right.

I think the expression "Anh trai của tôi là thư ký" translates as "My elder brother is the secretary".

To get "My elder brother is a secretary" I think you would have to say "Anh trai của tôi là mot thư ký".

[deactivated user]

    "Anh trai tôi là một thư ký" or "Anh trai của tôi là một thư ký" must be accepted.


    Does the word thư ký here have the connotation of being an official in the Communist Party? In Mandarin Chinese the word 書記 does have that connotation


    A Vietnamese native I asked says that thư ký is a profession, no connection with the Communist Party.

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