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How come I can't access the next lesson?

How come I can't access the next lesson after passing Basics 1 & 2 and the "phrases" lessons?

February 3, 2013



You have not passed Basics 2.


Thank you for helping. But I still do not know what I am supposed to do next- nothing is highlighted for me to click and open. On the tree graph, when I click on Basic 1, 2, or Phrases, it shows the pics of the notebooks I have completed- lessons 1,2,3. But there is nothing else I can open and continue (except a manila folder that lets you translate long, complicated words beyond my level.) Now what do I do? I even created a second account, re-did basic 1 (lesson 1), basic 2 (lesson 2), and Phrases (lesson 3).


Actually, next lessons should be available to you even without translations. You have to "learn" the unit to move on, you don't have to "master" it. If you are sure you have made through all the lessons and "learned" the unit, I'd recommend you to write a feedback (see the Feedback tab to the left) and tell your problem. Your skill tree that I can see tells me that you have not made any lessons in Basics 2 - the progressbar is empty.


Your skill tree shows that you've 'learnt' Basics 1 (as shown by the tick in the middle) which has unlocked Phrases and Basics 2 which you haven't yet 'Learnt'. You need to 'Learn' Basics 2 and Phrases to unlock any more lessons.


you have to do a bit of that complicated translation to progress. but its not too bad. hovering over the foreign word shows you some literal translations. because you are human and not a machine you can put together all the literal words and figure out what the real translation is. this is what Duolingo gets out of providing a free learning tool for you and in the process it translates the web for everyone. so put in your translation, next you select the best from the bunch it suggests and then you can progress.


i can't get on to the next lesson. What should i do?


The answers to this question are very complicated. Learning tree???? What's that? Only the people who work in this regularly know what you're talking about. For someone who is just getting started with Duolingo it would help if you could just tell us what BUTTON to click on next and what that button does that will allow us to move on. So tell me, which Button do I click on? Thanks!


I have done all lessons still will not let progress just get a stupid little duo figure at end and will not let progress very irritating


If you reached the "stupid little duo figure" at the end, it means you completed all the lessons provided.

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