"who stand at the bus-stop"

Translation:akik a megálló előtt állnak

August 20, 2016

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Can someone explain what "elött" has to do with the correct answer. Thanks.


Hmmmm... very good question. I don't know.
Technically, you would normally say "megállóban" or "megállónál", but "megálló előtt" does not hurt the ear, so to speak. One of those things that are only there to confuse the learners. :) But I could not figure out what the speaker means exactly without asking a few questions.
Maybe one could say that the "megálló" itself is a designated spot on the sidewalk, or it is the bus stop sign itself, so then you can be "in front of it", not just at it.


This is wrong all round. The English sentence is poor. Agree "elött" is nowhere to be found in any of the English words. And what always annoys me is "megálló" it maybe understood by Hungarians to mean bus stop (I wouldn't know) but It could equally be a tram stop and should you write "Buszmegálló" that will be wrong too. All reported btw


And try putting in the singular " "aki a megálló ellőt áll" that won't work either :/


I would prefer (if the hungarian is correct): Azok akik a megálló elött állnak/ those who stand in front of the bus-stop? This would make more sense to me, than the duo sentences.


I believe that's closer to what they were doing... They used to specify the target of the verb, i.e.: "The ones who stand in front of the bus-stop/akik a megálló elött állnak". But maybe some people thought it was too confusing, and they started using incomplete sentences, which, in my opinion, made it even more complex, because now the english phrase, if seen as a sentence, isolated, is actually wrong.

However, I do believe that using "Azok, akik a megálló elött állnak/Those, who stand in front of the bus-stop." could work in this case, in which "azok" would serve as a "appositive" of sorts. The phrase would still kind of need a context, but it would be a sentence on its own.


That was correct.Just was another option

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