"Az új német számítógépek a dolgozószobában vannak."

Translation:The new German computers are in the study.

August 20, 2016



i thought it should be 'the new german computers are in the working room'

August 29, 2016


study and office are the same thing!

August 20, 2016


I'm not sure about that. Dolgozószoba is something you have at home, while iroda (=office?) is what you can find at the actual workplace.

August 20, 2016


Many people have home offices these days. And I think the US usage prefers "office" even for the home. At least it is definitely used.

August 20, 2016


If it has multiple new computers in it, I think it qualifies as an office, not a study, regardless of location.

February 28, 2017


"Study" as a noun means "tanulmány/tanulás". If the intention is to express "dolgozószoba" I think it should be "study room" or "working room". Köszönöm.

December 28, 2016


Actually - no. A study can be a room for working in at home. However, it is rather old fashioned and hints of grandeur. Most people around here just call their work room at home "the office".

January 18, 2018


------- studies in a home are also called "dens " - especially if they have any sort of masculine adornment, like beer steins, family crests, etc. a study almost always has many shelves full of books . a study always has a desk but a den might not . . .

Big 25 jan 19

January 25, 2019
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