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I went to an Esperanto meeting~

It was so much fun! ^^) I really enjoyed it. It took me a while to find the table where the other three people were sitting at(kept on thinking I was only imagining Esperanto conversation, turns out I was actually hearing it) but once I got there it was great. :P Mostly, they talked in Esperanto, but sometimes translated if they were asking me a question and I didn't know a word. The topics of discussion ranged from Gary Johnson and democratic socialism to me mixing up my age ("Mi estas ses-dek jaroj...?" "You could be my grandpa!" "pffff oops")

If I could do it again(as in, my first time being there), the only thing I would change would be knowing the word for welcome. Yeaaah. That might have made a better first impression. :D

To anyone who hasn't gone before, find(or make!) one and do it, for sure. It made thinking in Esperanto just happen.

Those who know my last topic, I asked my novajn amikojn if they thought a new group was a good idea and they said jes jes jes. So I'll be looking into that some more in the next few weeks... ^-^

August 20, 2016



That's so exciting! I love when people post their experiences out in the language communities. It is always inspiring. Thank you for sharing :D


Thanks for updating us - very impressive!


Nice to hear your experience. I've been to 3 meetings now and have really enjoyed every one. It's such a good experience for new Esperanto speakers. I would definitely recommend everyone finding a group.


*sigh* I wish there were more esperantistoj where I live, but, sadly, people here don't like different people. Also, Esperanto would sound like Spanish to them, and that's basically the devil's language to many people here in the southern USA.


If I recall correctly, the trouble is that you have transportation issues -- and there is quite a number of active Esperanto speakers in your city. On Saturday, I met with some folks - one of whom drove 2.5 hours to spend a little time speaking Esperanto with us. That's 5 hours in the car to speak Esperanto for three or four hours. I won't claim to know what your challenges are, but when I see the lengths some people (myself included) will go to for an opportunity, it's really frustrating to hear people blaming the Esperantists in their region for not living by the same expressway exit as they do.


I had a very similar drive to south jersey on Saturday to eat, play mini golf, and bowl with 7 others, only one of which I had met previously. Worth the trip though.


Do you have to be practically fluent in Esperanto to make one of these meetings worthwhile? I am maybe two thirds of the way completed with the tree and I couldn't imagine talking about politics! (not that I want to either lol :) )


Go anytime. It's beyond words to hear the language you've been struggling to understand spoken by other people. Even if all you can say is saluton, esperontistoj, they will likely be delighted that you're putting in the effort.


What city do you live near? By all means go. That's how you learn.

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