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"They bring us bread, wine and fish."

Translation:הם מביאים לנו לחם, יין ודגים.

August 20, 2016



Is the word "fish" always in plural when used as food (rather than as the creature)?


Not necessarily. A single fish would be דג.


English, and all the European languages I know (from the Romance, Germanic and Slav families, plus Hungarian) use the singular form of "fish" in the context of ordering or serving food, even when it is obvious that more than one fish has been cooked. The same goes for catching fish.

Some languages, like Spanish, have a separate word for fish as a culinary item: "pez" is the aquatic animal, but "pescado" is the same animal served as food. But the form is still singular.

I've checked on Reverso, and Hebrew does indeed use the plural. Hardly anyone would guess this, but either the course writers haven't noticed the difference, or they intend us to learn it by making the error first.

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