"Mi van a szekrényben?"

Translation:What is in the wardrobe?

August 21, 2016

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Does this mean closet as well, or is there a separate word for that?


Closet, wardrobe, cabinet, cupboard. Szekrény is a general piece of furniture, which opens to the front and is made for storing objects. If it's in a wall (like "closet" sounds to me), you can differentiate that by saying faliszekrény - wall-cabinet.


-Nyisd ki, Judit.

Lássad őket.

Ott van mind a régi asszony.


This was my path into Hungarian!


It reminds me of the German word for wardrobe "Schrank". I wonder if they have a common origin.


To the etymology!
While they look similar (and cover the same meanings), these words seem to have different origins. According to the Wiktionary, szekrény comes from the old French escrin which has its roots in Latin scrinium, meaning "box" or "case".

Meanwhile the German "Schrank" is a word that's only used in the German language space. The Old High German scranc means "weaving, interlacing" and refers to the diagonal lacing structure that was used to hold chests and boxes upright, so they can form a wardrobe. It comes from the Indogermanic root *[s]ker-, "to turn", and the next English relative of that is "curve". (source: Duden Herkunftswörterbuch)

But the similarity is actually nice for learning. :D


Thank you very much for taking the time to check the etymology :D Gotta love the language nerds Duo community!


Quick question: How would you translate this to Hungarian: What is inside the wardrobe?


Mi van a szekrényben? :D
If you're particularly asking about the wardrobe where you store your clothes (which, I assume, is the actual purpose of a "wardrobe"), you can express this with using ruhásszekrény.


Megfordítva a nyelvet, - az angol mikor használja a cabinet és mikor a cupboard szavakat?


A "cupboard" általában egy kisebb szekrény a konyhában, amelyben csésze, tanyér és más konyhadolog van. A "cabinet" gyakran egy szekrény a különös dologoknak, például boroknak vagy evőedényeknek. A "cabinet"-nek gyakran üvegajtó van.

A "wardrobe" (egy bútor) és a "closet" (a falban) a ruhának.

Minden egyéb szekrényalakat vagy "cupboard" vagy "cabinet" tudnak hívni.

(Remélem, hogy érted a magyaromat.)


Akkor a "cabinet" valójában "üvegszekrény" vagy "vitrin"?


Nem mindig, de gyakran. "Vitrin" egy jó szó, de egy "cabinet" csak fából is lehet.

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