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"I do not want to go to the doctor!"

Translation:Ich will nicht zum Arzt!

February 3, 2013



Why is the word GEHEN missing?


What are the rules on the placement of "nicht"? I just had "Ich will zum Arzt nicht" marked wrong.


wieso fällt "ich will zum Arzt nicht" ?


Why is "Ich will nicht zu dem Doktor gehen" correct, but "Ich will nicht zum Doktor gehen"wrong? I did the latter, but Duolingo counted it wrong and suggested the former.


"Ich will nicht zum Doktor gehen" is ok. Please mark it next time as "My answer should be accepted."


You are right. This is one of the (many) cases you may click on "Report a problem" and "My answer should be accepted". I always use uncommon translations to test how experienced DL is. Some kind of challenge on the way ..


Why is "Ich will nicht zum Arztin" incorrect?


arztin (f) => zu + die => zur zum => zu + der (m) => Arzt


Thank you - This explains it perfectly!

[deactivated user]

    Is "ich möchte nicht zum Arzt gehen" wrong?


    Wollen is a modal verb and 'nicht' can be placed just before the infinitive. Why is the following word order incorrect: Ich will zum Arzt nicht gehen.


    The problem is that you're negating the wrong verb. It isn't that you want to [not go]. It's that you [don't want] to go.


    Ich will --> in the sense of want should call for the dative preposition, but why is it that in this case, when it implies going somewhere it does not call for the accusative preposition? " Ich will nicht zu den Arzt" is incorrect.... but I just wanted to understand why.


    Why is 'Arzt' dative here? why not 'zur Arzt'?


    Why is "Ich will nicht gehe zum Arzt" incorrect?


    Two problems. First, it should be gehen, not gehe. Writing ich will gehe is like writing I want go. Second, the participle gehen should go at the end of the sentence. Only the conjugated part of the verb gets to sit up front (in 2nd position).


    "Ich will zum Arzt nicht gehen" was marked wrong. Is it also wrong to say "Ich will nicht zum Arzt gehen", or would that have been marked correct?

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