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  5. "אתם חייבים לשמוע את זה!"

"אתם חייבים לשמוע את זה!"

Translation:You must hear this!

August 21, 2016



I think this would be better translated as "you must listen to this"


Listen is Lehakshiv/Lehaazin. Similar meaning but different in Hebrew as in English.


Anyone else think her speech is unclear?

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Sounds like a Tel Avivian to me. Notice that in a Tel Aviv (or "tzfoni") accent the tav sound sounds a bit like the zz in pizza. So it sounds a bit like "azzem khayavim lishmo'a etzzeh".

I'm exaggerating a bit, but you're likely to hear this kind of pronunciation in certain areas. Think of it as Israel's answer to valley girls.


That's interesting. I was under the impression that we don't really have regional dialects. Can you think of any other regional speech characteristics?

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And let's not forget the people of Jerusalem's weird way of pronouncing מאתיים, and their different words for things. The special accents were usually related to country of origin, which was sometimes correlated with where you live in Israel. Kibutzniks had a thicker Ashkenazi accent than city folk because the kibutzim were more uniformly Ashkenazi than any city, and before the mass Russian immigration the עיירות פיתוח had a Moroccan accent.

But of course with mass media things are converging.


Is that the link you meant to send me? It's a list of Israeli singers...

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I meant the lyrics to אני מראש העין, מדבר ב-ח ו-ע


Yup her speech sucks

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Her speech is what you'd hear in Tel Aviv


...I need to get out of the habit of hovering for hints before I think about whether I know the word. I know שמע and I've known it for years, long before this course came out.


When should one use צריכים instead of חייבים then? Are they considered synonyms?


The same difference between need and must I think


You must hear that - not correct?

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