"You are a beautiful woman."

Translation:את אישה יפה.

August 21, 2016

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blushes oh, you charming owl!


Whats with all the beautiful women?


Why would it be יפה and not יפיפיה? My understanding is that the singular feminine word for "Beautiful" is יפיפיה, while יפה is "Pretty".


The word יפה is the standard word for beautiful and pretty and handsome. The word יפיפה is the emphatic - so "gorgeous" or "very beautiful" are good ways to translate it.


Why is this ok for both genders of the adjective?


What do you mean? יפה is both yafe and yafa, but only the pronunciation of yafa is valid here.


Oh thanks!! The exercise takes as a correct answer both yafe and yafa, it was a multiple choice one. I was suspecting that it wasn't right.


You probably had יפה and יפָה as your choices, but not יפֶה.


Ah ok! It's yafa with and without nekudot. Thank you very much for clarifying it for me.


Geveret is lady. Like in ladies and gentlemen. גבירותיי ורבותיי.


“...will get you everywhere”, said Ariel Shaw to Captain Kirk in the classic Star Trek episode Courtmartial.


This keeps changing it took me longer than other people because I'm juggling 8 kids, jobs, husband. I just learned the top correctly and they took it away where i can't practice. This is crap. Let people learn on there own pace. We all have different lives. If they cheat that's hurting them.


What keeps changing? What is the top that you learned? If you mean the top cap of five mistakes, after which Duolingo locks you out b/c you lost five hearts, I recommend that you don’t do Duolingo on the app. If you just use the web version, you can avoid the heart system. I use the Web version on my phone and I can make as many mistakes as necessary.

There will be people cheering you on here on this forum if you stick with it! :)


What is the difference between את and אתה ? I kep getting them so mixed up!


את “at” is feminine

and ata אתה is masculine.



AH! That explains so much! I was confused and had them backward because we usually add the ה at the end of feminine terms, at least so far. Oh my. Thank you!


‏על לא דבר Al lo davar

You’re welcome!


Why is את היא אישה יפה. not accepted?

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