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"You drink juice and I read a newspaper."

Translation:אתה שותה מיץ ואני קורא עיתון.

August 21, 2016



Can I have help? How is this pronounced? This seems like a mouthful for a beginner like me!


ata shoteh mitz veani kore eeton


also at shotah את שותה (feminine)


In the exercises it certainly always sounds like at


At shotah pronous female את pay atention not atah אתה


What's wrong with "אתה שותה"+niqqud T? (My keyboard doesn't do niqqud.) Does that make the verb feminine?


Yes, שותָה is feminine. But, אתה is masculine.


Why doesn't this work?

אתן רוצים מיץ ואני קוראת עיתון


Your sentence doesn't work for a couple of reasons: 1. You wrote "want" instead of "drink" 2. You used the f. pl. "you" but the m. pl. ending for the verb.


Does "juice" have a different plural in Hebrew?


not different מיץ singular and plural


How to pronounce "אני קוראת"? It's quite frustrating some sentences and words are exclusively in male forms.


It would be: Ani kohret, which means "I read" or "I am reading".


It was unclear whether masculine or feminine 'you' was requested


What's the difference between את & אתה?


When Duolingo doesn’t specify the gender, Duolingo accepts either masculine you אתה “ata”, or feminine you את “at”.


It says קראתי in the hints but if you type that, it gets marked as being incorrect... Frustrating, to say the least.


Those are not hints, Frump. If you get a sentence where you have to click on different words to make a sentence, you have to choose the correct words. They are not all correct for the sentence you have to create. Or, if you put your cursor over words in a sentence and you get a drop down of words, those words are just like in a dictionary. You see different meanings, or translations, for the word, but all the translations are not relevant to the sentence you are supposed to translate. The top word, or definition, is supposed to be the correct one.


This is the practice where you must type in the sentence using the Hebrew keyboard. When you forget a word, you tap on it and it will tell you how it's spelled. When I tap on the word "read" there is a dropdown box that shows the Hebrew translation and it is displayed as "קראתי" but every time I type that, it says I have failed... & I am not a man who accepts failure!


The correct word is below that and it would be nice if they put them in order of the most relevant to the exercise but that is not the case.


The top word used to always be the correct one. I just noticed in the Spanish course, though, that a few of the new sentences that have been added also do not have the correct answer at the top. That is a problem. The word you chose is the past tense "I read". Keep at it and you'll succeed. It's the persistence that pays off.

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