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  5. "אני לא קונָה לךָ עוד צעצוע."

"אני לא קונָה לךָ עוד צעצוע."

Translation:I am not buying you another toy.

August 21, 2016



...said every parent ever. Right before buying another toy!


Whay my answer isn't accepted? I wrote I don't buy you any more toy.


It's incorrect English. Any more ____ is for plural objects. I am not buying you any more toys. עוד צעצועים.


If you typed in English, it's not accepting it because it wants you to type the Hebrew that you hear.


Actually it's not sure: I already noticed that the same sentences could be for different people or even for the same people in different situations in different forms of grammar exercises (translating/typing the audio/matching the meanings/etc), what is actually quite weird, IMHO. I don't remember anymore how I had this specific sentence above, but I guess that if I wrote English translation, then that was the task, even if you could have the same sentence only to type it in Hebrew. ;) Good luck with duolingo learning! :)


Interesting. Good luck to you too, and have fun! :D


Awww but whhhyyyy??


Two people are your parents!


Hungarian is very similar to Hebrew. :D Nem veszek neked több játékot. "more toy" (not plural the toy in Hungarian after more...) OK, OK, English is more difficult (for me).


Ani lo qona lekha od tsa’atsua.

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