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"You are not working, but you are sitting here."

Translation:Ti nem dolgoztok, hanem itt ültök.

August 21, 2016



Szerintem a de is elfogadható lenne a hanem helyett, hiszen magyarul is mondjuk, hogy nem dolgozol, de itt ülsz - ez teljesen korrekt (még ha értem is, hogy a lényeg a hanem használatának a felismerése...)


Why do we need the -tok suffix here


Because this is how Hungarian language works. :) In more details -tok suffix (sometimes actually -tek or -tök - depending on the vowels that are in the word...) is the suffix for plural second person, e.g. you in plural in verbs - always.

This is actually one of the main differences between Hungarian and Indo-European languages, that in Hungarian it is NOT enough only put the verb after the person, but you also have to adjust the verb to the person! But at least in Hungarian there is no difference between he and she, that drives crazy Hungarians learning foreign languages... :D

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