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  5. "יש תפוח ולחם."

"יש תפוח ולחם."

Translation:There is an apple and bread.

August 21, 2016



your English is faulty. Since there are two objects, namely apple and bread, you need a plural verb, namely "are" not the singular "is".


Since "bread" is a non-countable noun, and "apple" is singular, most native English speakers are going to use "is" here. Technically, yes, there are multiple objects, but "there is" as a phrase is going to take precedence over verb-predicate agreement. However, if there were multiple apples, it would be "there are." Just a quirk of the language!

[deactivated user]

    I had not seen your reply here. You are right.


    How are we supposed to know apple is sigular here? Couldnt this mean some apple? Wouldn't a bunch of slices of apple also be תפוח?


    More then one apple would be תפוחים Slices of apple is חתיכות תפוח


    "There are an apple and bread.", does not make sense in English.

    [deactivated user]


      That certainly should be allowed, but it sounds stiff and formal to me.


      "There is an apple and bread." Seems fine to me in this case.


      I agree partially with Sara's logic, except that most native English speakers would also put "an" before the word apple, i.e. "There is an apple and bread", however "an" was not in the word list


      Does the יש not make it I have an apple and bread?


      I have is Yesh Li.

      Yesh alone is "there is"


      mabye a little wine... ;-)


      Looks and sounds perfect to me.


      Yesh tapuakh ve-lekhem.


      Even though apple = תפוח and bread = לחם it sounds nicer to me to put the non-specific bread after "There is" and put the more specific "an apple". If the sentence made the bread more specific in some way, I would have no problem with bread being at the end. e.g. There is an apple and bread in the pantry. Otherwise I would expect it to be There is an apple and some bread, because we know nothing about the bread regarding quantity or position.


      Same comment as below: apple and bread, being more than one item, require a plural verb. There are an apple and bread.

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