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  5. "My friend helps me."

"My friend helps me."

Translation:ידידה שלי עוזרת לי.

August 21, 2016



Shouldn't be "הידיד"? Also, why "ידידי" is not correct?


Hayadid is "the friend" and the English sentence doesn't have "the".

Yedidati/Yedidi are correct but very formal.


AFAIK In English it's not possible to specify both determination and possession as "my friend" implies both (I think you'd say "a friend of mine" to mean an unspecified one); in Hebrew it's possible though, so "ה" could (should?) be there. Am I correct?


You don't say הידיד שלי, only ידיד שלי.

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You can say הידיד שלי, but then it implies that you have only one.

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@jimmy930731: No, any noun can have the definite article, the possessive, both or neither in Hebrew.

הלכתי לטיול עם הכלב שלי - I went walking with my dog - strongly implies that I have only one dog.

הלכתי לטיול עם כלב שלי - I went walking with my dog - does not imply that I have just one dog.

הלכתי לטיול עם חברה שלי - I went walking with a female friend of mine - may or may not be my girlfriend, although using the word instead of yedida implies it.

הלכתי לטיול עם החברה שלי - she's my girlfriend - no ambiguity about it.


Exactly. So in reality it's hardly ever used.


Is it a special exception among the nouns? That ידיד שלי doesnt need a ה?


Would "חברי/חברתי" be acceptable?


Right, I tried ידידי, and that wasn't accepted. Is it wrong?


Although correct, suffixes are not used in this course, except in the skills Possessives 2, because they are rarely used in everyday language.


ok i donno why its like this and how you need to know when the "frieand" is a boy\girl in the Translation BUT ידיד=boy ידידה=girl boyfrieand=חבר girlfriend= חברה in israel, its dosent really matter too much if you say חברה/ידידה חבר/ידיד


yedidah sheli ozeret li


I thought if it is possession you must use the ה i am so confused


English distinguishes between "MY friend helps me" in which case you are referring to one friend. It does not say anything one way or the other about whether you have other friends, because you are thinking of the one specific friend who is helping. If you have in mind that the person helping you is just one among a number of friends you have, you would say "ONE OF MY FRIENDS helps me". Therefore, I would think the Hebrew equivalent of "My friend ..." would be החבר שלי and that the equivalent of חבר שלי would be "One of my friends..." or "A friend of mine..."

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