Can't see rest of lessons for Italian Basics 1.

The rest of lessons seem to be idle, so I was only able to do two. Any suggestions?Ty.

February 3, 2013


It is impossible to nove to the next lesson after basic. It just keeps loading after the last answer and takes me back to the beginning. Have sent two emails for help, nobody has answered. Very disappointed.

April 9, 2013

I am also having problems moving to next lesson after basic one

February 6, 2013

so am i but i am on basics 3

July 10, 2013

I am facing the same difficulty: I am now stuck at lesson 3 and can't go beyond.

May 1, 2016

I don't seem to be able to finish basic 1 either. I got 4 which consisted of short passages to translate and were certainly not BASIC!

February 13, 2013

Can't see rest of lessons for Italian

March 10, 2013

I can't move to the next lesson, either

April 29, 2013

what do you mean

July 10, 2013

sorry was very sichi could see

July 31, 2013 sorry was abable ,but will love to continune

August 29, 2013

Where is lesson 4??

November 13, 2013

I am using a home computer but also can NOT move past basic lesson one. I have also emailed for help with no response. :(

November 24, 2013

İ have the same problem any solution?

December 5, 2013

i have finish with basic 1and now wants to move to basic two but i dont know how to go to basic two less.CAN someone help me on how to move to basic two lesson.

December 5, 2013

İ made up the test out and all lessons opened.but before learning its a little hard

December 5, 2013

I also cannot get through Lesson 2 of the basic course.

December 6, 2013

I can't seem to get to the next lesson as well....

January 2, 2014
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