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  5. "הגבר מערבב את הקפה שלו."

"הגבר מערבב את הקפה שלו."

Translation:The man is mixing his coffee.

August 21, 2016



@Trevorist: "stir" is a valid translation in this context, though לבחוש might be more appropriate.


I heard some native speakers saying "mearvev" instead of "mearbev" :/ Which one is preferable?


Same doubt, what would be the correct pronounciation?


Mearbev would be the correct one. mearvev is just some sort of slang


I may have heard /mearvev/ only as a joke, as a deliberate mispronunciation. It may have already leaked into serious speaking and I've missed it...


Whether the Hebrew means 'mix' rather than 'stir' it's a poor translation to keep it 'mix' in English. No-one has ever 'mixed' their coffee in this context.


Absolutely agree. The translation should be stir. Maybe you mix your coffee in Hebrew but in English you stir it!


What if you create a, well, mix, of beans for grinding?


Hmm Yarden, it just so happens that I mix regular and decaf instant coffee and put it in a jar so it will be ready for my morning coffee time, when I stir a portion with hot water.


Is the word 'stirs' valid here?


Not exactly, I would translate "stir" as בוחש.


The man stirs his coffee or The man is stirring his coffee.


Definitely בוחש is more precise, but I dare bet that in everyday speech Israelis more often מערבבים than בוחשים their coffee.


Could that verb be considered a pi'el construction with ע-רב-ב as root? Cos we've come across many verbs with more than 3 root letters and I was wondering if we could categorise them this way or if Duo has a whole other section on "longer verbs" that I'll discover later.


I was wondering if ע-ר-ב is of the same root.


Yes, the Pilpel עִרְבֵּב was formed by doubling the last consonant of the root ערב. You find it in the Aramaic part of the Bible ‏חזיתה פרזלא מערב בחסף טינא Dan 2.41you saw the iron mixed with the potter’s earth. Modern Hebrew uses עֵרֵב in the sense of to involve: הַאִם הַתׇּכְנִית שֶׁלְּךָ מְעָרֶ֫בֶת רוֹבֶה Does your plan involve a rifle?

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