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"A buszokból nők és gyerekek ugranak ki."

Translation:Women and children are jumping out of the buses.

August 21, 2016



I don't necessarily mind the messed up word order (in English). It helps me come to terms with Hungarian structures better and I'm not here to improve my English.

I just wish there was some consistency in how we are suppose to translate. I'm a native English speaker and I fail the Hungarian to English more than anything else, and usually I understand what's being said.


Yes you are right there and I should have looked at it more in that light. I agree about the translation lack of consistency too. A hungarian told me yesterday that it is apparently the fourth most difficult language in the world. Don't know what the criteria is for the score but anyway.


Formal / literary English has no problem expressing what the Hungarian word order is doing here: "Out of the buses jump women and children." While speaking bad English is relatively easy, mastering these nuances in English is every bit as hard speaking Hungarian.


This sentence in English would sound much better Women and children are jumping out from the buses


I think "jumping out of the bus(s)es" would be even better than "out from".


me too, I reported this version


But why ugranak ki? Why not kiugranak?

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@timothynh : That's a very good question, but - as a Hungarian myself - unfortunately I don't know how to explain this.

See these as examples, maybe you can figure it out by yourself:

Ők kiugranak. = They jump out. (no emphasis on any part of the Hungarian sentence)
Ők ugranak ki. = They jump out. (emphasis on the 'they - Ők' part of the Hungarian sentence)
A kutya kiugrott, de az ember nem ugrott ki. = The dog jumped out, but the human didn't jump out.


This came up at other sentences too.

Compare these: Az autók kijönnek a garázsból. The cars come out of the garage.

Az autók jönnek ki a garázsból. The cars come out of the garage. (emphasis on cars)

Autók jönnek ki a garázsból. Cars come out of the garage.

Autók kijönnek a garázsból.

It has to do something with the lack of article in the sentence. The word order is Topic, Focus, Verb. The focus can be without article. Autók jönnek ki a garázsból: "Autók " is the focus. But the Topic should have some kind of article. So "Autók " cannot be the topic, while "Az autók " can.

Autók / nok es gyerekek has no article -> it should be the focus-> the verb after the focus should be separated.


I agree actually, I was just trying to keep their word.


children and women jump out from the buses.I got a red?Can somebody explain why?


children and women jump out from the buses.I got a red?Can somebody explain why?

nők are "women", but you translated it as "children".

gyerekek are "children", but you translated it as "women".

You mixed up the meanings of those two words by translating nők és gyerekek as "children and women".

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