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  5. "W moim domu jest ciemno."

"W moim domu jest ciemno."

Translation:It is dark in my house.

August 21, 2016



Just to be sure, are we using ciemno as an adverb because there's no subject in this sentence?


Rather because we use an adverb to describe verbs and adjective to describe nouns. Here we use adverb „ciemno” to describe verb „być” (jest).

Wnętrze domu jest ciemne. (The interior of the house is dark) Noun (subject) described by an adjective.

W domu jest ciemno. Verb described by an adverb.


So would the direct translation of "ciemno" be "darkly"? And how would you describe a noun as dark?


„Ciemno” is a bad example because one uses nearly only when speaking about light conditions.

But let us analyse „jasno” (bright/clearly) and „głośno” (loud/loudly).

„W pokoju było głośno/jasno” - It was loud/bright in the room. - Note that there is no subject in Polish sentence, there is no „it”.

„On mówił głośno/jasno” - He spoke/was speaking loudly/clearly.

In both Polish sentences we use adverbs as it is them who describe verb


Awesome. Thanks for the explanation!


I had the impression the we can make adverbs by adding -e & softening the last consonant, but that'd give ciemnie. Is ciemnie a word, & if yes, what is its relation to ciemno?


There is a word "ciemnia", which means "darkroom" (for developing photographs) and its plural is "ciemnie". Adverbs are sometimes indeed formed by adding -e and softening the last consonant but sometimes they are formed by adding -o instead (and without the softening).


So do we translate literally or not?? After having "School is boring" rejected for "W szkole jest nudno", I figured you needed to translate word for word rather than just translate the meaning, and I gave "In my home is dark", and not "It is dark", since it isn't "W moim domu to jest ciemno". I'm struggling a lot more with this lesson than the others.


Rather literally, but with correct grammar in both languages. I'm not sure if you can take "it" out of the English sentence, and "In my home it is dark" is definitely a perfect translation, this 'it' just doesn't have its equivalent in Polish.


It's dark inside my house.


Maybe you could add also "There is dark in my house."? Thank you.


We can't because it's not correct English. "There is" requires a noun, but "dark" without articles is just an adjective.

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