"Az épületnél nincsenek munkások."

Translation:There are no workers by the building.

August 21, 2016

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How would you make the difference between at the building and by the building? It is definitely different in English.


How would you explain the difference?

Feelingwise, "at" might be a little bit closer than "by" but they both essentially mean "close to the building", don't they?


I am at your house, and I am by your house are different, no? According to my understanding being at the building is already being inside or at the entrance. By the building (which sounds strange anyway) means that I am close but have not arrived yet.


I'm with you - in English, at and by are definitely distinct entities. I'm getting the impression that Hungarian simply doesn't make the distinction, or at least if it does then I'm confused by how it does it.


I agree with you. As a native Hungarien speaker I translated it by the house and I think there is the same distinction in Hungarian and English in this case. I have reported the sentence.

So the sentence means that there are no workers gathering outside but close to the building and we don't know if there are any worker inside the house


Yes, "at your house" is different, and could be either next to it or inside. But I feel that this is an exception.

Another difference: "at school" (inside) but "at the school" I would interpret as outside.

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As a native English speaker, I would agree that being at school always means in the vicinity of school, but does not necessarily mean inside the building. If the context is that the subject is a school-aged person or a teacher and the implied timing is during school hours, then at school could be understood as being in class and thus specifically inside the building.


Can the subject and predicate come at the start of this sentence? The first exercises had that form.

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Just for information, "there're" is a seldom used but valid contraction in English.


Shouldn't 'there aren't any workers' also be correct?


I wrote BY the building and got a red.WHY???


I consistently get marked wrong for saying "there aren't workers at the building." (Or the equivalent for similar exercises). If this is not how Hungarian would say that sentence, then what is? I've been reporting it, but could use a second opinion here.


At v. By ok in this instance? So likely not the issue with Reporters sit and wait at the school...?

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