Karaoke song


Any recommendation for Swedish song on youtube with the lyric visible (like karaoke but you can hear the singer ) ?

Usually this is a very good way to associate written language with pronunciation.

I am looking for song with the following characteristic

  • slow paced
  • every day vocabulary ( no slang)
  • if possible nice to listen too

I had quite good results using song to learn Thai, no reason it does not work with Sweedish

2 years ago

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Great playlist! I can recommend Per Myberg - Trettifyran and Harry Brandelius - Nordsjön . Classic songs with good articulation :)

2 years ago

I am looking for something like this

I want to text written under and if possible something more modern .

2 years ago

Ok I found on youtube. You have to search for " Swedish song + English lyric " you end up with songs with both Swedish lyric and English translation like this

Very convenient.

2 years ago
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Learn Swedish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.