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  5. "Завтра і післязавтра"

"Завтра і післязавтра"

Translation:Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

August 21, 2016



Duolingo prefers "Tommorow and the day after tomorrow" instead of "Tomorrow and after tomorrow." Can someone explain that to me?


To me, "after tomorrow" means "the day after tomorrow and the subsequent days". The Ukrainian "післязавтра" is one day, the day after tomorrow.

[deactivated user]

    Modern English doesn’t have a single-word equivalent of «післязавтра», so we have to translate it with a construction ‘the day after tomorrow’.

    Older English had ‘overmorrow’ for «післязавтра» (and ‘ereyesterday’ for «позавчора»), but they fell out of use.


    West African English has "next tomorrow", but it doesn't see general use in the rest of the English-speaking world.

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