"Завтра і післязавтра"

Translation:Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

2 years ago



Duolingo prefers "Tommorow and the day after tomorrow" instead of "Tomorrow and after tomorrow." Can someone explain that to me?

11 months ago

[deactivated user]

    Modern English doesn’t have a single-word equivalent of «післязавтра», so we have to translate it with a construction ‘the day after tomorrow’.

    Older English had ‘overmorrow’ for «післязавтра» (and ‘ereyesterday’ for «позавчора»), but they fell out of use.

    11 months ago

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    To me, "after tomorrow" means "the day after tomorrow and the subsequent days". The Ukrainian "післязавтра" is one day, the day after tomorrow.

    11 months ago
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