"Nosisz sukienkę."

Translation:You wear a dress.

August 21, 2016

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Would it be correct to say "you are wearing a dress"?


So far we accept it, which I don't like, but this course somehow made a huge oversight of not teaching the construction "mieć na sobie", which is equivalent to "to be wearing". So actually "You are wearing" should be "Ty masz na sobie/Wy macie na sobie".


It is now no longer accepted!.. All I understand is that this verb is different for some reason!


Does this new construction still take accusative for the name of the piece of clothing?


Yes, same as it would be without "na sobie".


I really think "You are wearing a dress" should be allowed as it's much more of a natural sentence for English speakers, even if it's not an exact translation.



Well, many sentences with a single item of clothing would indeed be better with Present Continuous, but so they would be in Polish. But it's not possible to change them that way.

This one doesn't even sound that bad, you (generally) wear a dress. Maybe even the same one too often. Who am I to judge.


You are wearing a dress should be accepted here. And yes before someone starts the same argument that has been said many times before, I know that Nosiec does not mean to be wearing and is just to wear. The issue is the sentence "You wear a dress" is not correct in english unless you were to be giving some weird command of you! Wear a dress! OR the english translation should be made into the more accurate translation of you wear dresses since we use the plural form in english for this type of structure and then note in the tips that singular is used in polish whereas in english we use a plural. If not we are just translating sentences from polish into incorrect english which doesn't help many people and most people just find frustrating


Why is "wearing a dress" incorrect?


If you really wrote just "wearing a dress" (and there is such a report in the incubator), well, that's not even a sentence.


that is the same as you are wearing a dress - so why wasn't that answer allowed?


are wearing is wrong, wear is right?


because it's not about wearing a dress, "you wear dresses" is also a possible translation right? It has the same meaning, even feels more natural to talk about a general habit in this short statement.


No, it's not. It is probably a more likely thing to say, but there is just one dress in the original sentence.

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