"I want to dance with you!"

Translation:Chcę tańczyć z wami!

August 21, 2016

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... z tobą is still not accepted. why not?


It is, it should have worked...


no, still not working


If an answer that should have worked according to a moderator is not accepted for you, we need to see a screenshot to investigate what the problem was.


'Chcę z tobą tańczyć' and 'Chcę z wami tańczyć' sound more natural in Polish than 'Chcę tańczyć z tobą/wami'


We generally discourage putting pronouns at the end of the sentence, but I guess that emphasizing "you" here makes quite a lot of sense. Your answers work, of course.


chcę tańczyć z wami" how is this i want to dance with you? Doesn't that translate to "I want to dance with all of you" isn't "wami" multiple people?


"I want to dance with you" can still be plural, because "you" is the same in both singular and plural, which sometimes makes it confusing when trying to learn a new language from English


Nie miałam klocka z napisem wami


The audio doesn't play here!


If you want to play it in the discussion page, then the button may be here, but in theory it should play the audio for the English sentence, such an audio doesn't exist.

In the database, the audio for the Polish sentence plays fine to me.


Which is the best option here? Chcę z wami tańczyć. Or. Chcę tańczyć z wami. The pronoun rules suggest it is the first one. The given answer suggests the second one.


The pronoun rule only applies to (in)direct objects of a verb. Whenever we have a preposition, both options could be valid. The part that comes at the end contains the relevant/new information.

So basically "Chcę tańczyć z wami" answers the question "Who do you want to dance with?"
Whereas "Chcę z wami tańczyć" answers the question "What do you want to do with us?"


This is such an excellent way to explain the new/important stuff at the end. Now I get it.

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