"A fekete óra nem ott van."

Translation:The black clock is not there.

August 21, 2016

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Shouldn't be correct also: "The black clock is not over there."?


Yes, your sentence is good too! :)


Why is it not "nincs"? I thought nem + van = nincs :)


You use "nincs" when "nem" would negate "van". In this sentence, the word "nem" is negating "ott", not "van". Because "nem" is negating "ott", the sentence implies that, "The clock is not there (but it is somewhere else)." Hence the use of both "nem" as well as "van". Hope this helped a little!


That's all true but think about it backwards. "A fekete óra nincs ott." How do you translate it? "The black clock isn't there." I would say. Compare it with the sentence above. It's the same! So "nincs" is totally cool here.


just because the english translation is the same it does not mean that the to hungarian sentence has the exact same meaning.


But if the task is to translate the English sentence, and we have 2 different Hungarian sentences with 2 different meanings, that can be translated to that exact English sentence, that means both of those solutions are correct, right??


I wrote "watch" instead of "clock". Isn't it right? Is there other way of saying "óra" which matches better with "watch"?


If we wanted to be specific we would say "karóra" for the watch on your wrist.


Watch is also good I think.


The hint says "ott van" means "there is...over there", so I wrote "there is not a black clock over there" and was marked wrong. Does it imply "there is" in only some contexts and not others?


Hints are just hints, they give some guidance, but they are not always correct. Also need to consider how hungarian or english works.
So while "ott" is a pointer to a location which is translated as "there", and "van" is "is", the english "there is" describes the existence or presence of something. So your version says something else than the hungarian sentence, and I would translate your version to "Nincs ott egy fekete óra".
The hungarian sentence rather says that the location of the black clock is not where you are looking.

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