Szia! What are your impressions on this course? Are you guys making any serious progress? I find this course very helpful. Your thoughts?

August 21, 2016


I really like it! So far, I'm kind of having trouble remembering the verbs and prepositions, and sometimes the grammar confuses me, but over all I really like it! I'm planning on studying abroad in hungary next year, so I'm trying to get as much basic knowledge as I can! I'm going to practice a lot so I remember the tricky words haha :)

Mad props. Practice makes perfect.

thank you I'll keep practicing!

Good luck with your studying, I hope you'll get on a good way with Hungarian!

P.S.: there are no prepositions, only postpositions :D

Thank you! But that last part has left me very confused.

You'll see it soon. The words that English and other European languages use as prepositions, either come after the subject, (that's why they're called postpositions) or are not single words, but endings in Hungarian.

OH i see thank you :)

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