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  5. "Dw i newydd bleidleisio."

"Dw i newydd bleidleisio."

Translation:I have just voted.

August 21, 2016



How does the grammar work here? There's a "dw i" with no "yn" before the verb, and usually when the English translation has "have VERBed" I'd expect "wedi" in the Welsh, but something different is happening here.


newydd here is used an adverb with the meaning 'have just'. It replaces wedi in this pattern. Note that it causes a soft mutation.

newydd is also an adjective meaning 'new'.


Diolch! I recognized "newydd" as "new" but didn't know that it could be used differently in this pattern.


I knew "newydd" could stand for having just done, but I rather expected the wedi also. Maybe I'd forgotten about the special case.

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