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  5. "הקריירה שלו טובה."

"הקריירה שלו טובה."

Translation:His career is good.

August 22, 2016



Is it pronounced career like in English or career-ah? The audio for this one and לקריירה sound like there's an ah sound at the end but the audio for קריירה sounds like there isn't. I've played each one repeatedly and am still unsure.


It's pronounced karyéra, probably from the French word carrière and not from English.


why is it טובה ? Shouldn't it be masculine?


No, קריירה is a feminine noun and the adjective has to agree with it.


This is another Duolingo sentence that is awkward/weird/unintelligible in English. What does it even mean?:

He is good at his job. He chose a career in a field with a lot of opportunity/room for advancement. *He chose a career that pays well.

If it's one of the options I listed, it should have been written to indicate that option. The sentence they did provide indicates we should be learning the translations for "HUH?" and "WTF?" ASAP.


Hey again. Your program is playing up! despite the comments below getting the answer right does not work. i.e. says wrong but gives same answer as submitted????????????????????????

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