"A new color"

Translation:Nowy kolor

August 22, 2016

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You read Terry Pratchett :D


I certainly have and I recommend everyone else to do so as well. I thought of putting up some sort of illustration of the department of High Energy Magic on my wall when I was working at the department of High Energy Physics. Great humour...

If you don't like Pratchett you need to visit Zorgo the Retrophrenologist and he'll soon fix that.


I like him too, that's how I recognized your quote at once :D


I want to see it.

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What a funny your nickname! Especially for Russian, Ukrainian and Polish people.


Are all colours in masculine


Colors are basically adjectives (although for most of them there's also a noun, but let's leave it aside). We use the masculine adjective "nowy" here because the noun "kolor" is masculine.

Sometimes you say e.g. "red" and mean exactly "the color red", then it's also translated as masculine "czerwony". But if you use the adjective with a noun, it has to match it, e.g. "a red wall" in my room is "czerwona ściana", feminine.


I remember having read somewhere (was it in the Tips & Notes?) that 'niebieski' cannot be used as a noun. So do we have to say 'niebieski kolor' instead?


Yes. You know, using them as nouns isn't as common anyway, it's a bit poetic. Kinda like mentioning "the redness of her lips" in English.

"light blue" (błękit/błękitny) and "dark/navy blue" (granat/granatowy) can be nouns, so that can help sometimes.


That's strange – in German, there's "granatrot" (garnet red), named after the mineral, which is usually red. Why is it blue in Polish?


That's a good question, especially that the same mineral is also called "granat", and the fruit "pomegranate" is... also called "granat" in Polish, despite the colour.

You want more meanings? "granat" is also a grenade ;)

Seems like this word, when referring to colors, may have changed its meaning quite a bit, starting from "dark red", through "dark purple", somehow ending up to mean "dark blue".


I am Polish native speaker and this has just blown my mind, indeed there is no noun for colour niebieski :D

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