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  5. "Nie chcę tak żyć."

"Nie chcę tak żyć."

Translation:I do not want to live like this.

August 22, 2016



Who does? I never promised you a rose garden.


"I don't want to live so" can't be right answer?


I'm not a native English speaker, but that does not sound correct to me.


i do not want such a kind of live


That would be "life", and your construction is quite far from the Polish sentence. I also don't know if it's grammatical, maybe a native could say if it is.


I tried to post something to this comment and I guess I canceled it out ... not sure. So, if you happen to see two of these responses, please forgive me. In answer to this original post, I would not say: “I do not want such a kind of life.” However, I would understand the thought the person was trying to convey. Especially, if it came from a non-native speaker. The words “kind” and “such” mean the same thing and would be redundant to use in the sentence together. Typically, you will hear: “ I do not want such a life.“ Or “I do not want this type of life.” However, I don’t know if this would translate correctly into the Polish sentence listed in this lesson.


Tak means like this also?


Yes, it does.

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