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"A liftben állok és telefonálok."

Translation:I am standing in the elevator and speaking on the phone.

August 22, 2016



the hungarian verb telefonál means speak on the telephone, and the english verb telephone means speak on the telephone, why can't we translate the sentence as 'I am standing in the lift and telephoning?'


Come on, Duo! "Talk on the phone" and "speak on the phone" mean the same thing, but you mark only the second one as correct. (Reported.)


Where is the word to speak in this hungarian sentence or is it just to be on the phone?


"phoning" implies speaking on the phone, I think, a bit like how "swimming" implies moving in the water.


In German the verb "telefonieren", also implies speaking on the phone. English might be unique in not having a verb for that.


English does have a verb ‘to phone’. It takes a direct object as in ‘to phone someone’. ‘I stand in the lift/elevator and phone someone/somebody’ should be accepted as a translation


Wow....got marked wrong for putting "telephone" instead of "phone". Even though the Hungarian version of the word also has "tele" at the beginning


Is it okay to say telefonlek? Like im phoning you or something. .....(lek)


I'm using the phone - Én telefonálok
You're using the phone - Te telefonálsz
He/she/it is using the phone - Ő telefonál
We're using the phone - Mi telefonálunk
You're using the phone - Ti telefonáltok
They're using the phone - Ők telefonálnak


------- telefona'llak ? i telephone you ? . . .

ps: see adnan just above daniel

Big 19 sep 18


What is wrong with my answer: I stand in the elevator and use the phone ? There is no indication that I am speaking. I could be dialing.


why o why is 'telephoning 'not accepted ! ?


-------- or just phoning . . .

Big 23 mar 20


Why not "standing in the lift"? Would make more sense regarding to the Hungarian word

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