"What are those department stores like?"

Translation:Milyenek azok az áruházak?

August 22, 2016

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when do you use milyenek and just milyen


milyenek is plural, and it is used here because az áruházak is plural and because it is not directly in front of the noun modifying it (as in milyen áruházak ...? "what kind(s) of department stores ...?").


I am still trying to figure out why its "azok az áruházak". The az is throwing me off.


Take it the following way - "az" cannot be an adjective. It always substitutes a noun, syntactically. Therefore it gets all the inflection the actual noun gets. And they are separated by a definite article.


I can't remember when that was :). After seeing it so many times, it makes sense now. Ezek az, Azok az. I am glad I pressed through it! Thanks!

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