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"Furcsa nők furcsa kalapokban kiszállnak a liftből és kisétálnak az épületből."

Translation:Strange women in strange hats exit the elevator and walk out of the building.

August 22, 2016



I'm happy to finally see a sentence that allows "of the X" alongside "from the X"! My one complaint is that kiszállnak should, alongside "exit", accept "get out of", which is indeed something we say in English.


This is the first time I have seen Duolingo use "exit" for kiszállnak ! In all other examples they translate it as "get out" ! Therefore, "get out of the elevator" should be accepted. - Reported


In English we say "walk out OF the building," not "walk out from the building." (Reported.)


"step out of the elevator" and "exit the building" should be accepted


"get out of the lift" should be accepted.


What is wrong with walk out of the lift and exit the building


Your sentence means a bit different: "Kisétálnak a liftből és elhagyják az épületet" (They get out of the lift and leave the building)


Az óvónők leave the building!


There are words missing from the word bank. It needs to be checked and repaired.


-------- i just used the word bank. all the words i needed were there . . .

Big 19 sep 18


What for are you doing that. Kiszallni in Hungerian is to get out .Exit is in hungarian ''kijarat'' and if you want to be strict than your ''exit'' is kijarni.Please correct it.I never heard that synthagme'' to exit the elevator'' Who does it use ''either''


Exit in hungarian, as a noun, means "kijárat", but as a verb it is perfect for any situation when you get out of or leave a place. You would almost never use "kijárni" to describe a motion, instead it means "to complete" a level of a game, or a course, for example. "Exit the elevator" is perfectly fine, just a bit weird, and it would be more natural to use "leave the elevator" or "get out of the elevator".


Dear lordyoyo, Thanks for thinking about my question.Thanks for confirming my suggestion at the end of your letter.That is the main thing I wanted to stress,usual English phrases to get out or more politely leave the elevator.I never heard Hungarians using kijarni but it could be strict translation of the verb to exit.


"Kijárni" is not a translation for exit. If you want to use something similar, it would be "kimenni". I absolutely agree on "exit the elevator" being weird, but I still think it's acceptable, grammatically at least. You wouldn't use it in day-to-day speech, but it's not a major problem. The site also only shows the original translation here, but there are many more (better) alternatives, that have also been added as correct answers when doing the tests, so most users wouldn't even notice this :)


Nice discussion.Thanks for all.


So, in Hungarian it's OK to use the same verb for exiting and walking out, but not in English? Hmmmm

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