"Furcsa nők furcsa kalapokban kiszállnak a liftből és kisétálnak az épületből."

Translation:Strange women in strange hats exit the elevator and walk out of the building.

August 22, 2016



This is the first time I have seen Duolingo use "exit" for kiszállnak ! In all other examples they translate it as "get out" ! Therefore, "get out of the elevator" should be accepted. - Reported

March 23, 2018


I'm happy to finally see a sentence that allows "of the X" alongside "from the X"! My one complaint is that kiszállnak should, alongside "exit", accept "get out of", which is indeed something we say in English.

September 22, 2016


In English we say "walk out OF the building," not "walk out from the building." (Reported.)

June 18, 2018


"step out of the elevator" and "exit the building" should be accepted

September 3, 2018


"get out of the lift" should be accepted.

February 24, 2019


What is wrong with walk out of the lift and exit the building

August 22, 2016


Your sentence means a bit different: "Kisétálnak a liftből és elhagyják az épületet" (They get out of the lift and leave the building)

August 22, 2016


Az óvónők leave the building!

March 20, 2017
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