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Russian smileys

Maybe this question is a little silly but I wonder: why don't Russians use smileys like the rest of the world -- ":)" or ":-)" -- but they use ")" instead?

August 22, 2016



Many Russians use all these smileys


))))) scare/annoy the hell out of me - eyeless creatures with many mouths

And without eyes there is no way to distinguish between ): and (: (or) :) and :(


The creatures may be even stranger :):


we read things from left to right so its easy to tell that ) is a smile and ( a frown


Because ":" is on the button "6" in the Russian keyboard layout, which is difficult to press together with the "Shift" button.


Im used to english keyboard so my smileys often look like ЖВ which with considerable imagination and pre-knowledge can be interpreted as a buck-toothed person laughing really hard (eyes are shut in laughter >< )


Какое хорошее объяснение. Даже не задумывалась))))


It makes sense, thank you :)


and where is ")" on your layout? Do you press this button without "shift"?


That's one symbol, not two or three, and ) is closer to "shift".


I chat mostly to English speakers and most often I use just parenthesis anyway))) I see my Russian speaking colleagues doing the same (no matter from which soviet part they are from). I think now this is a cultural feature.


просто потому что это удобно)))) и так понятно что скобка значит улыбку или грустное выражение лица. зачем еще две точки ставить??


When I saw it for the first time in a message from my friend I was confused, I thought he closed a bracket which he forgot to open in the first place ;-)


I understand you) more carriers of the Russian language when writing posts to express emotions using multiple question marks (????) or multiple exclamation marks (!!!!!). The surprise is usually shown here these characters: "!?" If the message want to highlight what that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS, then write them through Shift


Really? I used to use capitalisation to emphasise a particular word in a sentence and found people thought I was angry. I've now adapted to the convention of extended vowels for emphasis.


Полностью согласен (да я не успел) )


I was also told that the reason for using ")" instead of ":)" is that there was a certain limit for symbols in sms years ago, so people tried to make their messages shorter, and then it just became a habit.


ain't nobody got time for ":" why bother when it's clear that this guy ")" is a happy face, and this fellow "(" is a sad one.

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