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  5. "He does not eat apples."

"He does not eat apples."

Translation:Anh ấy không ăn táo.

August 22, 2016



Why not the plural qualifier for apples?


Not required and often not used...


"Anh ấy không ăn những trái táo." was accepted. What's the difference from:

Another correct solution: Anh ấy không ăn táo.


One of the corrections uses "trái táo". Is "trái" a classifier word? If so, is it for apples or for food in general?


Do you have to put the "trai" classifier in to use nhung? Why can't you just say "Anh ấy không ăn những táo" ?


I think you need it because once you express quantity by saying multiple you have to use the classifier as a counting word, like saying "multiple fruits of apple".

I'm not sure though!


I used "không phải" and it was not accepted. When do i use "phải"?


I am not a native speaker, but this is my understanding from multiple lessons.

"ăn" is a verb, so you just say "không ăn". However, with nouns you do not say "không là". You say "không phải là".

Tôi không ăn táo.

Tôi không phải là một trái táo.


you should use "không phải" only when using the verb "là" (to be) in the sense of being something. Like "I am not a man". but you won't use it if the sentence is something like "I am not happy".


This is an apple not apples


Would "the apple" be accepted as an answer? The simplified explanations given for nouns is that "mot" would be used if it were singular and indefinite, but to assume the definite article "the" precedes the English translation of a noun in the absence of "mot." (Although, sometimes without "mot," it's translated as just the noun, with no article.)


Anh ấy không ăn những quả táo

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