"Az új állomás nem a városban van."

Translation:The new station is not in the city.

August 22, 2016

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Can allomas also be used as a railway station or is that only palyaudvar


I think it can. But just "állomás" is not necessarily a train stop. It can be a bus stop, a stop for boats, a taxi station, or not even a transportation station. Fire station, etc.


In English we would not use the term "taxi station".
Thank you for your answer, it is very useful to also see how concepts of words are used differently in different languages.

You can read more about the nuances of station for English speakers here:


Yes, thank you for the correction.


Thankyou very much. I know megallo is a bus stop and I was pretty sure I heard allomas used as the announcement on kecscemet train station. I am a beginner and battling with this course but learning something as I go along.


Yes, I am sure you heard "állomás", "vasútállomás". "Pályaudvar" is usually the bigger terminal (end) station, or the bigger stops along a line.
I think "megálló(hely)" is the smallest one (it is just a place to stop), then "állomás", and finally, "pályaudvar".


  • "megálló(hely)" is a (place to) stop
  • "állomás" is station (where you can be stationed)
  • "pályaudvar" is a courtyard of tracks, indicating several rail tracks, or bus stands, etc.

Good luck to you!


Thankyou so much. That is really helpful. I thought palyaudvar only referred to train stations. So keleti in budapest is definitely that. The local bus station in kecskemet has several platforms with numerous bus stops for numerous buses. It is a terminus place for all buses. So presumably that would be palyaudvar too.


Is it correct to say that this sentence should typically be followed by "... hanem XXX"? (a faluban, a folyó mellett, etc)

Because here the emphasis is put in the fact that the station is not IN THE CITY, so we would probably say where it is. If we just wanted to say that the station is not there, without emphasising that it's not IN THE CITY, I think we would say: "az új állomás nincs a városban".

Is my understanding correct?

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