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  5. "You are welcome, bye!"

"You are welcome, bye!"

Translation:Szívesen, viszlát!

August 22, 2016



Viszlát is the shorter form of viszontlátásra, it is not so formal. But when you want to be polite, use the longer form. People will be happy to hear that ;) When you say goodbye to your friends (or to younger people), use Szia (or sziasztok - plural) instead.


I use viszlát with friends without much problem, not to mention half-formal situations of course (e.g. university lecturers of younger age)


In this case, why the word "kérem" is not correct?


the reason kérem isn't correct is because if you turn it to English it means please


How about szervusz and szervusztok. Its like saying ciao in Italian. It is understood by Austrians and Germans too.


Isn't "hallo" also a legitimate way of saying goodbye? I just got marked wrong for it but my parents in law use ot often - but my wife says its not really correct. I'm a little confused!


I'm gonna assume you are talking about Hungarian.

Halló is how people set up a conversation on the phone, I don't think I've ever heard it used differently.

Helló is used, and there are indeed people who use it as a farewell as well (no matter how this use annoys me).


What about "Nincs mit, szia"?


It seems to me it's accepted. And really, why not

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