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Sneaky, Duo!

alt text

February 7, 2014



You were doing a Spanish–English lesson with a German interface? If that (interface language different to the “learning from” language) is a feature of the mobile app, then that’s something I’d like to see on the standard website too.


Unifying this experience is definitely in our plans.


Personally, I'd like to see my mobile app switch interface languages when I switch. When I log out and switch to a different account to let a student's parent use it to help them learn English, they're having a hard time because the interface is still in English.


Yes, the mobile app seems to use the system language. I have the German interface too, without ever having chosen German as a base language.


That actually kinda sucks then, if you can't chose. I hate when websites or apps chose what I want for me, because most of the time they get it wrong. Like IMDb translating all movie titles to German for me when I'm trying to find out the English name of a movie to watch it on Netflix -.-


I know the problem, but the solution is pretty easy: Look up the movie in the German Wikipedia - in the upper right corner you'll normally find the original title. Otherwise just click on "English" on the left side, so you'll get to the English article, named after - right, the original title. ;-) But if you want to be treated as a citizen of UK/USA/whatnot, you can use a proxy server. There are some available as add-ons for several browsers, I personally recommend "Zenmate" for Browsers based on the Chromium engine (such as Google Chrome or SRWare Iron). With this, you can choose what the internet thinks which nationality you're of.


Hm, I'm more of a firefox person. I know of the wikipedia trick, ofc, it's what I usually do. It's just more of a general annoyance that IMDb doesn't let me chose (without using a proxy that is)


You have SO many languages. Are those, like, ALL languages?


he didn't learn them all, he just did them for a couple minutes to get the flag


I think it depends on what language you use to sign up. If I switch the mobile app to learning French from Spanish, I still get the interface in English. I think they're working on separating the interface from the language tree, Luis said they want to make it easier to switch between trees with different base languages.

Edit: Or maybe it depends on what language you have your device set to.


No, It's like OlderThanRome said, it's using your system language automatically. I never chose German as an interface language in the app, it's just there.


Yah I edited my post right before you responded. It took me a second to realize that because my system language is set to Chinese but obviously they don't have that user interface yet so my mobile interface is in English.


I hope they allow us to choose the interface language on the website soon! That would be soooooooo cool! :D


I don’t get it. Sorry if this is spam. :( downvote if you want. :(


Lol, Duo is brainwashing.


Brilliant ... absolutely wonderful..

cheers thanks for posting it


Oh ja, das ist richtig in ordnung!


Lingot because Partridge


Up with the Partridge!


I love you in a way.


Can someone explain what's going on? ;-; I'm so lost-


WHY am I the only one who sees only "alt text" and can never see images! even with the new look!

(and yes, I use firefox, with all the updates and plugins)


I've always got this too! I don't know what the problem is, especially since I can't switch web browsers without crashing my laptop...


Now that's funny! <3


LOL well played DOU, well played indeed


Das ist nicht richtig.

Still, nice attempt at propaganda, DL team!


Wow! Duo is really tricking people!


Wait... This looks like Spanish/German/English?


I would like to be able to always use the interface in English but translate directly to Spanish, my native.


??? I Don't Get It What is sneaky???


LAAAAAAAAAHL XD but it is :)


Yeah, no vocabulary section, definetly a step forward!

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