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  5. "Six students"

"Six students"

Translation:Шість студентів

August 22, 2016



why do we use studentiv instead of studenty for plural of students when were using numbers? I don't understand


Numbers five through twenty (and others that don't end in one, two, three, or four) take the genitive plural case. Caution: non-native Ukrainian speaker.


Oddly enoguh, because I don't have Ukrainian layout on my phone I am using a Russian klayout, and English for the letter "i" , and when I use the English "i" , Duo doesn't recognize it as a ukrainian "i"


Well they are different letters. If you have iOS then you can get a Ukrainian keyboard in the settings; it'll be 'Українська'


I can only upvote this. Dempl you can use Latin or Cyrillic characters (Duoling supports both), but mixing them is just not right.


Please do not do that. I often see reported suggestions that are identical to the available sentences but then I realize it is because of the i. Just add the Ukrainian layout.

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