August 22, 2016



"wrth" can also mean "from". For example, "oddi wrth" is frequently used when writing letters etc.


Just to clarify this... wrth on its own does not usually mean 'from' - it is the compound oddi wrth which is used to mean 'from' in certain contexts, such as receiving a letter or e-mail 'from' someone.


In what context is this? E.g., what makes it different from gyda (by a), etc?


As with many Welsh prepositions, it can have a number of meanings and uses depending on the context, and especially when used in conjunction with verbs and verb-nouns.

You can find a nunber if examples of its use in the on-line dictionary www.gweiadur.com


Is there a general rule to tell which preposition should be used in a given context, or is there no set rules? If for instance I used "gan" instead of "wrth" in a sentence, would I still be understood, or is it considered wrong?


It is quite variable, I am afraid. As you learn more Welsh you may pick out some patterns. We may be able to include more examples in Tree2 - they are a key point to learn in intermediate level Welsh.

A handy, thin and cheap reference book is 'Pa Adroddiad', which shows which prepositions combine with verb-nouns to create which meanings. A more in-depth but out of print book is 'Y Geiriau Bach'.

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