"A lány belép a szobába és a fiú kilép a tetőre."

Translation:The girl steps in the room and the boy steps out onto the roof.

August 22, 2016

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Anyone actually say "steps in into" rather than "steps into"? Never heard anyone say it.


In English I would say: steps 'into' the room. To say: steps 'in' the room means that they were already in the room and then took a step.


Always steps, steps........... It doesn't sound good to me and I don't want to learn, talking like this. But I am forced to give suchlike answers.
What is wrong with enter and leaving?


I personally feel that "step" has a role here. Especially with the boy, who steps onto the roof. You can't leave to the roof. And stepping into a room sounds much better than stepping into a building. Any other opinions?

My bigger question is this: was the boy expecting someone else?


Maybe he is afraid of her :-))


The girl enters the room?

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