"Not the students are in front of the new school, but the teachers."

Translation:Nem a diákok vannak az új iskola előtt, hanem a tanárok.

August 22, 2016

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The question is poor English, or at the very least it is something very weird that nobody would ever say. The "not" should go after the "are" (optionally forming aren't), and not in the beginning of the sentence.


Yes, the English of this question definitely needs to be fixed. We would never say that. It would be: "The students are not in front of the new school, but rather the teachers are."


This was wrong and I don't know why it makes such a difference. Nem a diákok az új iskola elöl vannak, hanem a tanárok.


You're contrasting students with teachers, so you should put diákok in front of the verb. [EDITED]

Also, you're negating diákok, so it should be in the focus anyway.


Thank you for your answer! But I cannot understand it. Maybe my english is too poor for it.


I'll just go into details then. :)

Diákok needs to be in the focus. The focus is the main emphasis of the sentence, if it's not the verb itself, it's always followed by the verb. (Note that the focus might be empty, so the word in front of the verb is not neessarily the focus.)

Diákok is negated here, which usually means that it's emphasised. So even if we didn't have the second part, we'd still need it in the focus.

Also, the sentence is used for contrast. Nem a diákok, hanem a tanárok. Such construction usually has diákok in front of the verb. [Previously I said that it required diákok to be in the focus, but I was wrong. I'm editing accordingly. Apologies.]


Is it possible to say "Nem a diákok az új iskola elött vannak, hanem a tanárok."?


It is not good.

The part "nem a diákok" is OK, as nem should be placed before a diákok, this is the part we negate.

The position right in front of the verb is the most important in the sentence, and now this role should go to "nem a diákok". Therefore, "Nem a diákok vannak..."

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